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I have ~40 points in UTM zone 19 taken from Peru that I would like to convert to lat/long to project onto Google Earth. I am having some problems with PBSmapping and can't seem to figure out the solution. I have searched through the forums and tried several different methods, including the project command in proj4 but still can't get this to work. Here is the code I have currently written

#just two example UTM coordinates
attr(data,"projection") <- "UTM"
attr(data, "zone") <- 19

The corresponding lat/longs should be somewhere with lats between -12.9XXXXX and -13.0XXXXX and long between -71.8XXXX to -71.4XXXX. The values given by convUL seem to be way off.

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It seems that these may not be valid UTM coordinates for Peru. At least not for the usual reference systems EPSG 24892 and EPSG 24893. Could you check for that? –  Paulo Cardoso Apr 19 '13 at 21:46

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Once you get the valid pairs of coordinates you could do something like this:

data <- data.frame(id = c(1:2), x = c(214012,197036) , y = c(8545520,8567292))
coordinates(data) = ~x+y

Asign projection

# Use the appropriate EPSG Code
proj4string(data) = CRS('+init=epsg:24891') # 24891 or 24893

Transform to geographic coordinates enter code heredata_wgs84 <- spTransform(data, CRS('+init=epsg:4326'))

Get some valid background data to plot it against

# Country data
peru <-getData('GADM', country='PER', level=0)
plot(peru, axes = T)
plot(data, add = T)

Write your KML file

# Export kml
tmpd <- 'D:\\'
writeOGR(data_wgs84, paste(tmpd, "peru_data.kml", sep="/"), 'id', driver="KML")
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