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I have one view for a type of article, I need to extends this view and if user open article type "Special" I need to show some new fields in this view.

I don't want to create a separate view for this type of form because differs only one field.

Also I need to save in database, in field "type" one different value if "Special" article is saved.

Please suggest me how I can do this.

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Well, you should simply use a if statement in your view to display, or not, additional fields, and use beforeSave method in your model to handle your type attribute.

protected function beforeSave()
    // if ('Special' article)
    //     $this->type = 'value';

You should also consider using scenario.

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I have a form for standart article, i need to verify if is accessed link for Special article to display some fields. I don't know how I can verify this. – unNene Apr 19 '13 at 18:22
You should add more details to your question then... – soju Apr 19 '13 at 19:30
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I resolved this by adding a public variable in Article model, in controller I set the variable with one string, and on view I verify this string.

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