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I am a newbie to word press and buddy press.For learning purpose I have created an account in a free word press hosting site and installed buddy press manually.But in my buddy press website when I am clicking on register new user link its showing a "Page not found" error message.

I have checked the buddy press folder and found a registration folder inside it.Can anyone please suggest a solution for this problem. Sorry for my bad English.

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a free word press hosting site....

That's the problem. Free hosting sites are crippled and typically don't allow mod_rewrite and have other reduced functions that will impact anything more than a bare-bones WP install. Get a real hosting account: Recommended WordPress Web Hosting

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Thanks for the replay. I just want to learn word press and buddy press,that's why I chose free hosting. Any way I will try other real hosting. – kunjus Apr 19 '13 at 5:48

This may not apply to you if the free host problem was actually the problem but the way to create a custom registration page is as follows..

  1. In wordpress create a new page. Name it anything you like, let's say 'Register' and then click Publish Don't alter it in any other way.

  2. A. In the wordpress admin panel go to settings -> buddypress -> pages.

    B. Under Registration -> Register choose 'Register' (this is the blank page you created of the same name.)

  3. Get a copy of register.php from bp-legacy (the default BP templates location)


  4. Rename it to index-register.php and copy it to this location..


  5. Your registration page will be at Check that it is working (and of course change to your actual domain name)

    • If you've followed these steps properly you will know wether your host is the problem.

    • You can customize index-register.php to suit your needs.

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