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Using Amazons OpsWorks

I'm able to get a PHP App Server to get initialised, it downloads our project from git and sets it up, I've got a custom recipe being run on Setup that works and downloads composer, but this gets run before the git repository is downloaded, so too early to try and change permissions.

I've currently got a recipe in Deploy that changes permissions on some files that were created as part of downloading our git project, however this recipe doesn't seem to get fired when setting up a new instance, I can only run it by manually deploying an app.

How can I have a recipe run after the git project has been downloaded by chef, when an instance is created (so when the site auto scales and a new instance is fired up, the recipe is run to set file permissions correctly)

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Because opsworks is currently in beta there are still a few issues, there is an issue with deployments. Apparently custom deployments are not run when initialising a new php instance (not sure about others as I have only used php)

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today in OpsWorks the "setup" event means: OpsWorks setup chef recipes, customer setup chef recipes, OpsWorks deploy chef recipes

We're planning to change this so that "setup" event means: OpsWorks setup chef recipes, customer setup chef recipes, OpsWorks deploy chef recipes, customer deploy chef recipes

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@Chrisb Any word on when this will be happening, seems like something that would be expected and used heavily by other developers wanting to deploy / scale their apps, definitely something that's a barrier for us –  duellsy Apr 21 '13 at 2:35

We have addressed this issue. Custom deploy recipes are now run at instance boot.

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Awesome news Chris, thanks! –  duellsy May 15 '13 at 1:04

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