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I am trying to filter the resources included in my jar. I'm using shade-maven-plugin and this one is adding all the resources of all my dependencies into my generated jar, I only want to be included my project resources.

Here is my pom definition:


I tried to add the next filter to remove all the resources, and then add another filter adding only my artifactID resources, but it doesn't work.

                    </filter> <filter>



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looks fair , didn't your filter keep your ressources? – Genjuro Jun 6 '13 at 10:14

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This is because filter includes happen before filter excludes.

With your code you are including you "my.groupId:my.artifactId" -> resources/.

But aterwards you are excluding all "resources/."

From the original documentation :

From a logical perspective, includes are processed before excludes, thus it's possible to use an include to collect a set of files from the archive then use excludes to further reduce the set.

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