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In jQuery there is a selector called first-child. It selects the first child from the matched element. But instead of first-child if I use first-of-type, it also works just fine. So I am just wondering, what is the difference?

   //$('li :first-child').text('some text');
   $('li :first-of-type').text('some text');
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You really should have just read the documentation. – Archer Apr 18 '13 at 11:08
ok. i read the documentation but not got the clear picture. so i just post here. now i got some example, so my doubt is clear. – naresh kumar Apr 18 '13 at 11:10
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Just read the docs (:first-of-type and :first-child):

Selects all elements that are the first child of their parent.

Selects all elements that are the first among siblings of the same element name.

The :first-of-type selector will match the first element of a given name (e.g. span, a etc) amongst a set of siblings. Your example will match:

    <span>Matches this span</span>    <!-- First span amongst siblings -->
    <a>Matches this a</span>          <!-- First a amongst siblings -->
    <a>Doesn't match this one</span>  <!-- Second a amongst siblings -->

The :first-child selector will simply the match the first child of a parent:

    <span>Matches this span</span>    <!-- First child of parent -->
    <a>Doesn't match this</span>      <!-- Second child of parent -->
    <a>Nor this</span>                <!-- Third child of parent -->
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ok. now i got the point. thanks for all examples. – naresh kumar Apr 18 '13 at 11:04

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