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I am supposed to redesign a web application that was originally created in JSP. However, I have two important requirements that this application should meet.

  1. This new web application shall be able to keep its existing direct URL structure, that looks like this:
  2. It shall Support Javascript and AJAX (But I think that this one is not really a problem nowadays)

My first choice was spring MVC due to its popularity, but as far as I know the URL structure in Spring MVC would not support the file.jsp part of the URL. In Spring the URL would look like this: because it tends to hide the extension.

Is there any way to support this direct URL from my first requirement with Spring MVC? Or would you recommend me any other framework?

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You need to add the resourceHandler for your application in the applicationContext.xml file to allow .jsp style URL requests. – NINCOMPOOP Apr 18 '13 at 11:03
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Spring mvc will absolutely let you keep your mapping. You can map it how you like!

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