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I am trying to reset a class for any links that have been previously selected by removing the end of a class name.

When the link is clicked on the class is appended with "_selected" so that the image remains highlighted. When another link is clicked on, I am trying to remove "_selected" from any link that may have been selected previously (many rollovers on the page).

Seems like the following should work:

$('a').attr('class').replace(/_selected/g, '');

Doesn't this look for all links with classes and replace instances of "_selected" with nothing?

Is there a better way to look at this? New to jQuery... Thanks

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You can put more than one classes in an element, like:

<a class="someClass selected" />

So, with jQuery:


and of course previously you have added it with


And you need to define it, of course

 A.selected {
     /*your styles here*/

Not exactly what you want, but I think it is what you need :)

In fact, what you want is:

    $(this).attr("class", $(this).attr("class").replace(/_selected/g,""));
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The multiple classes option worked well enough for this situation. Didn't even occur to me. Thanks much! – Kerri Oct 22 '09 at 16:02

$('a').attr('class') will return the 'class' string for each jQuery 'a' elements and not the element itself...

I think you should do something like that :


$(this).attr('class', $(this).attr('class').replace(/_selected/g, ''));


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