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I have a travel related web application in which my url looks like




Now I want url rewriting on my application like


here goa and new year goa are fetched by pid and cid values.

Help me.

Thanks in advance

[EDIT: Reformation]

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URL rewriting can be done as follows,

void Application_BeginRequest(object sender, EventArgs e) {

    string fullOrigionalpath = Request.Url.ToString();

    if (fullOrigionalpath.Contains("/Tour/Inner.aspx?Pid=2&Cid=8")) {
    else if (fullOrigionalpath.Contains("/Tour/Inner.aspx?Pid=2&Cid=8&DeptF=ND")) {
        //This can be something else according to your requirements.

You can look at this

Or else you can modify your web.config to achieve the goal,

here is the sample,

<?xml version="1.0"?>


<section name="rewriter"  
     type="Intelligencia.UrlRewriter.Configuration.RewriterConfigurationSectionHandler, Intelligencia.UrlRewriter" />


  <add name="UrlRewriter" type="Intelligencia.UrlRewriter.RewriterHttpModule, Intelligencia.UrlRewriter"/>


 <rewrite url="~/Tour/Inner.aspx?Pid=2&Cid=8" to="~/Tour/Goa/new-year-goa" />
 //Some other re-writers to achieve specific requirements.


[EDIT: Following Can be one solution]

ok. So as you are saying you need to check pid and cid so redirect accordingly,

One way to achieve this is below,

  • Request.QueryString("Pid") and Request.QueryString("Cid")
  • store them into some variables,
  • check those variables with some mechanism and according to the passed condition set the path using Context.ReWritePath("Your Specified Path")

The other way to do this is using database,

  • create a table containing three columns, pid, cid, and location_path
  • Now get the cid and pid using above mentioned Request.QueryString
  • using sql query, select the location from the table which matchs with the cid and pid fetched by Request.QueryString and set it using Context.ReWritePath

Hopefully this is clear to you now.

Hope it helps.

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is it seo friendly... – social Apr 18 '13 at 11:45
Well, I am not sure about SEO, you have to test it live to confirm. – Hiren Pandya Apr 18 '13 at 11:48
thank sir, Actually I have a lot of packages so ids(Pid=2&Cid=8) will me more than 200, so please tell me how dynamically(using regular expression/pattern matching) I achieve this goal, I am not want handle it as hardcode. – social Apr 18 '13 at 11:56
This fullOrigionalpath.Contains("/Tour/Inner.aspx?Pid=2&Cid=8") will check whether the url contains Pid=2&Cid=8 or not. In our case, you need to specify all the cids and pids if you want them to redirect to their corresponding urls.. Regular expression will allow you to check whether there is pid and cid or not, but to redirect, your have to compare them for your packages and redirect them accordingly... – Hiren Pandya Apr 18 '13 at 12:01
Sir actually i want that if pid is 33(agra) and cid is 540(tajmahal) then it looks like MyTravel/Tour/agra/tajmahal and if there is no querystring then it simply moves to home. So how it is possible can u provide me a sample code please its very urgent. – social Apr 18 '13 at 12:05

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