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I want to match parts of a string that start with a certain character (asterisk):

abc*DEFxyz => *DEF

abc*DE*Fxyz => *DE, *F

Tried preg_match_all('/[$\*A-Z]+/', $string, $matches); But it doesn't seem to work. I get *DE*F on the 2nd example

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Change your regex to this : \*[A-Z]+


Your regex here : [$\*A-Z]+ means a string containing * and A-Z characters, not mentioning anything about start.

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which says "from the start of the line, skip over all non-asterisk characters and stop at the first"

Extending this:


Will return the remainder of the string after the asterisk. To include the asterisk, adjust like this


Here's a great tool for checking your regex: http://gskinner.com/RegExr/

Hope this helps

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