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I keep hitting Ctrl-Q in Sublime Text 2. Can I remap the Quit command to so that this key binding doesn't work or requires i.e. Ctrl+Q+Q?

I've tried mapping it to null -

{ "keys": ["ctrl+q"], "command": "" }
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Have you tried removing ctrl+q binding from your Key Bindings - Default file? – bdiamante Apr 18 '13 at 15:28

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The easiest way to do this is to use Package Control to install Maybs Quit, which remaps Ctrl+Q to ask whether you want to quit, close the view or window, save or do nothing:

enter image description here

You can then quit by typing Ctrl+Q followed by Enter.

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I believe you need to give it some command. An entry with an empty command is ignored. Try doing

    { "keys": ["ctrl+q"], "command": "noop" }
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Hi skuroda - I've tried that approach but unfortunately it doesn't work. I think this might be something I have to handle in the OS. – kerno Apr 20 '13 at 5:41

It's an old question, but still :

In MacOS ctrl (for ctrl+q) is super so the solution is this :

{ "keys": ["super+q"], "command": "noop" }
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This worked for me on OS X. On Windows it looks like super maps to the Windows key:… – ssorallen Mar 24 at 17:36

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