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Whe i run my Nancy selfhosted Application in Visual Studio everything works as expected but when i use ILMerge to create a allInOne.exe I just get 404s on every Url.

Thats the ILMerge command:

ILMerge.exe /target:console /out:allInOne.exe application.exe "Nancy.Hosting.Self.dll" "Nancy.dll"

The Problem is that none of the Modules are Autodiscovered and therefore no Routes are avalaible. The Problem also only occurs in the Merged Exe File. When i run the application.exe in /bin/release everything works.

best regards

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By default it will not scan the assembly that "Nancy" is in (which usually is Nancy.dll). Now that you've merged them it is going to exclude the entire merged assembly. You can change the behavior by overriding this method so that it doesn't exclude Nancy assembly (the true flag in the TypesOf call)


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I made it .TypesOf<INancyModule>(ScanMode.All) but it still does not work. Any clues? –  Gatis Sep 26 '14 at 9:46

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