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I've been developing a Ruby on Rails application server and it communicates with an Android application too. To use the android app, user should authenticate with facebook or google account and after it, the app sends the user data (uid, provider, email, name) for the server, syncronizing server's database.

So, I shared some routes for the client application and it's working perfectly. However, there is no security at this time and this concern raises a 2 questions in my mind:

  1. As the routes are opened for the client, they are opened for internet too. My concern is, along the time, these routes could be figure out for an unauthorized person and they could be used for getting or sending information from/to server unduly;

  2. The server does not know if the request comes from android app or not;

So, I thought two ways to solve these problems:

  1. Encrypt Android request data and decrypt it on server, sharing a secret key between applications. I tried to use in Rails AES gem and decrypt in Android but I had no success. Is there a crypt and decrypt way that works easily in both languages?

  2. Use SSL. As there are few routes for mobile apps, I read about ssl_requirement gem and it's possible to define which routes would be available for SSL. I read also, that the application performance is affected by SSL, is it really true?

What do you think? Any comment about these topics will be welcome and if someone has another idea to help me to solve this, it could be really helpful too.

Help me to do a safe sofware =)

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