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I am having trouble setting up a website on Azure and connecting it to my team foundation service account. The repository I am trying to use is a GIT repository.

Upon completing the Azure wizard, it returns a message stating that the account does not contain any repositories at all.

Are TFS-GIT repositories supported on Azure?


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TFService hosted Git repositories aren't yet supported (yet). You can still set up automated deployment though by using the hosted build servers and web deploy.

I've got a blog post that describes the steps and the MSBuild parameters to pass through.

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It appears that Azure Websites support direct deploy from public Git repositories only. I had to choose the "private repo" option, which creates a secondary repository within Azure where you push to deploy. A little annoying on one hand, although it does let you control how often you actually want to deploy.

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I had to work around this problem by cloning a TFS git repo and pulling upstream into a bitbucket one. A bit annoying not to have a single repo but it works fine.

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For anyone stumbling on this post, it is now possible to deploy directly to an Azure Website from a hosted TFS build controller (visualstudio.com).

Configure it from the 'Deployment' options in the Azure management console of your website, NOT from the TFS instance. It will automatically create a build configuration for you.

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