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The Formula:

=ARRAYFORMULA(SUMPRODUCT(1*('Test Cases'! $G$3:$G <> ""), 1*('Test Cases'! $I$3:$I <> ""), 1*('Test Cases'! $J$3:$J<>"")))

Works in Google Spreadsheet, but gives error in Excel.

I tried removing =ARRAYFORMULA but I still get an error

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In Excel, you need a row argument for the 2nd half of $I$3:$I, e.g., $I$3:$I23. I'd also get rid of the spaces after the !s. –  Doug Glancy Apr 18 '13 at 13:11

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In Excel 2007 or later COUNTIFS would probably be the best option, e.g.

=COUNTIFS('Test Cases'!$G$3:$G$1000,"<>",'Test Cases'!$I$3:$I$1000,"<>",'Test Cases'!$J$3:$J$1000,"<>")

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If you need a formula that will work in both Google Sheets and Excel, you can use a trick where a dummy INDEX function will enable array calculations in Sheets, but won't break the formula in Excel:

=SUMPRODUCT(1*('Test Cases'!$G$3:$G$1000<>""),1*('Test Cases'!$I$3:$I$1000<>""),1*('Test Cases'! $J$3:$J$1000<>""))+INDEX(0,1)

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