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In Objective-C (for iOS), is there any way to read the files inside a ZIP archive into memory?

So, each file inside the ZIP is a text file. And what I need to do is to iterate through the files inside the ZIP archive until I locate the one I need by name, and then to read its contents (which is text data) to an NSString variable.

Is this possible to do with zlib? I can't see in the header of this library anything to perform such a task, as reading files inside a zip archive.

Also other libraries i checked on the interent seem to decompress to a directory only, but, what I need is to read the contents of the files inside the zip archive into an NSString variable only.


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You can do this fairly quickly using my zipzap library:

ZZArchive* archive = [ZZArchive archiveWithContentsOfURL:zipFileURL];
NSString* foundContent = nil;
for (ZZArchiveEntry* entry in archive.entries)
  if ([entry.fileName isEqualToString:fileNameToFind])
    foundContent = [[NSString alloc] initWithData:entry.data
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There are many libraries out there you can use. Google is your friend. libzip, libarchive are just two.

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