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Consider the following scenario:

I can connect to SSH_Server to access internet. I can also connect to HTTP_Proxy to access blocked ports.

Now I want to use the HTTP_Proxy through the tunnel to the SSH_Server!


[uTorrent] > [SSH_Server] > [HTTP_Proxy] > [peer/tracker]

I'm on Windows and I use putty. Will privoxy help?


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You need an SSH Tunnel that will forward requests to port XXXXX on your local machine to the machine and port that your HTTP proxy is running on. Then you configure uTorrent to use your local port XXXXX as an HTTP proxy. This will tunnel traffic from your local machine to the HTTP proxy using SSH.

Edit: Privoxy is an HTTP proxy. If you don't already have an HTTP proxy, it should work fine, although you may want to turn off the numerous filtering options for use with BitTorrent. If you do not already have an HTTP proxy, I would recommend TinyProxy in this case.

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