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I printing XPS document with images, that contains QR-codes. Image creating sample here:

 Image image = CreatePresentation(qrCode);
 image.Height = 200;
 image.Width = 200;
 image.HorizontalAlignment = HorizontalAlignment.Center;
 image.VerticalAlignment = VerticalAlignment.Center;
 image.Stretch = Stretch.None;


 public static Image CreatePresentation(System.Drawing.Image source)
        Stream stream = new MemoryStream();
        source.Save(stream, ImageFormat.Png);
        Image image = new Image();

        BitmapImage src = new BitmapImage();
        src.StreamSource = stream;

        image.Source = src;
        return image;

When i have monitor dpi=96 then image size on printed page (on paper after printing) more larger than when i have montor dpi=120. How i can print images with the same size on different dpi?

PS Sorry for my bad english

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When i replaced

 image.Stretch = Stretch.None;


 image.Stretch = Stretch.Fill;

image began print correct

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