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I have a Java Map where I store data that has to be shown in a row in a table in a web application. I am using Wicket 6.

Is there a way to link Wicket Labels (which will be cells in my table) to the String version of an object in a Map knowing the key for each Label.

Should I implement my own version of IModel or is there any convenience class in the Wicket 6 libraries? As far as I can see there is none, but I could be wrong...

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You can implement IModel also you can implement IConverter<C>.

To use custom converter override Component#getConverter like so:

   Label lbl = new Label("lbl"){
        public <C> IConverter<C> getConverter(Class<C> type) {
            //return converter here

For components like Label you can implement only convertToString method.

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Thanks for the IConverter suggestion for the String representation. I think I will end up implementing my own map's entry kind of model as I can't seem to find a readily available class. – Jubbat Apr 18 '13 at 14:01
note: IConverter is needed if change your label say to TextField – Alexey Apr 18 '13 at 14:05
More info you can find in an excellent guide (see ch. 10.3) – Alexey Apr 18 '13 at 14:12

I think there is no such IModel implementation at the current moment. It is not too hard to write your own IModel<String> that takes your Map and a key in the constructor and return the String.valueOf(map.get(key)) ;)

Just make sure that either your Map is Serializable or otherwise, you should provide a LoadableDetachableModel for your map and use that.

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