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I get a "400 Bad Request" and "Did you forget the body variable?" Code:

require "rest-client"
require "json"

# This is the ID that you copied down in the last exercise
your_folder_id = "816582409"

# Add the "body" variable here
body = { "description" => "I made this on Codecademy!"

response = RestClient.put(
:authorization => "Bearer" << "AKGEp7MoDfLAKnMyxTt3nSNtohXW3bt1"

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The url of api call shouldn't be or "{@your_folder_id}" ?

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You are missing a space between Bearer and nonsense. You have something like:

response = RestClient.put(
:authorization => "Bearer " << "AKGEp7MoDfLAKnMyxTt3nSNtohXW3bt1"
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"{816582409}" evaluates to "" due to string interpolation. As ararog suggests, put the variable itself in: #{@your_folder_id} or the plain number, not #{816582409}

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