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OpenCL doesn't support recursion. CUDA does, but only from a certain version. Initial search indicated RenderScript does support recursion, but I couldn't find anything explicit.

Does RenderScript support recursive function calls?

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Yes it does. However, using this will limit a script to processors capable of recursion.

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so what happens when you run this script on such devices? will it just use only the CPU ? –  android developer Mar 11 at 21:00
The script will run, but be limited to the processors which support the features the script uses. So in the case where you use recursion, then run on a device with a GPU that does not support it, it will run on the CPU. –  R. Jason Sams Mar 12 at 3:34
yes, so on unsupported GPUs, it will run on the CPU instead. –  android developer Mar 12 at 7:50

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