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The problem I can not get the latest code. I need it to generate the next.




I've tried:

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What problem are you having? The max() function should do what you want. –  Gordon Linoff Apr 18 '13 at 14:15
Gordon's correct: MAX should find the latest. Are you asking more about what to do with the MAX value once you find it? If so, could you post a description of your numbering scheme? –  Ed Gibbs Apr 18 '13 at 14:18

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What you have there is a "smart key" - one attribute comprising three elements. Smart keys are dumb, because they're a pain in tha neck to work with.

So the correct solution will be to split that attribute into three separate attributes and make it a composite key instead.

In the meantime you could use reguklar expressions to fin dthe highest value of the middle component...

select max(regexp_replace(dumb_key
               , '([A-Z][0-9]{2})\.([0-9]{4})\..([0-9]{3})'
               , '\2'))
from your_table

No doubt there are all sorts of other complexities you haven't explained, which means this probably isn't the compleat solution. But it should be a starter for ten.

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