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I designed a picture and set it as a background for a window. What I want is that the bits of the picture act as buttons, for example if I use the screenshot of the desktop as a background image for my window, I would like to make the Start button act like a button, would I have to draw an area that defines the perimeter where the clicks of the mouse have a particular action?

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Well, glut is just for drawing, it's not meant to create buttons or menus. The best solution is to keep the areas where you want to have a button in some variable and test if the mouse click was inside one of these areas.

Example with a rectangle:

if(mouse_x>vertex_x[0] && mouse_x<vertex_x[1] && mouse_y>vertex_y[0] && mouse_y<vertex_y[1])
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GL is for drawing, GLUT is for window/context creation and event handling. –  Casper Beyer Jul 20 '13 at 21:54
wops, my mistake. But the the solution would be the same –  Gabriel Salla Jul 20 '13 at 21:58

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