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I implemented the graph API to search for pages. (&type=page) The API stopped delivering results about 2 days ago without my code being altered. All I get from REST request like that https://graph.facebook.com/search?q={query}&type=page&limit=50&access_token={token} is:

   "data": [


Anybody having similar issues? Thanks in advance for any comments on that.

Okay... This is starting to get mysterious. Using the Facebook API explorer https://developers.facebook.com/tools/explorer/
I punched in the EXACT same query I am running from any other client (my own browser, the server which sends the requests normally, a REST client app for firefox) and again: All came back blank, EXCEPT the one from the official explorer, which delivers top notch results.
So it is probably not the access-token, probably not the query itself (for it is tested working).
Hmm... Is it time to file a bug report? What other methods of decrypting what's going on comes to your minds?

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I searched the graph api in similar ways earlier using a script I've made. The scripts purpose was to try to find fanpages for a given company. I wanted to narrow down the number of results so the query included the city which the company was located. This script worked fine just before christmast atleast. Today I fired it up again, something had changed. First the search required an access_token, second it returned an empty resultset. I can no longer include the company city in the query, as this turns out to not find anything. If I search for the company name I get results, but far to many of them.

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I implemented the access-token already (it was required when I first built the app). In my case the response does not change, regardless of what I put in the query parameter. Plus: Providing the city in the query parameter when using the app explorer gives beautiful results. Seems like I have to stay up late today ;) –  atrioom Apr 18 '13 at 16:04

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