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I know the database and table name and need to find a column name. Example as in emp table; I know data 7369 and table name as emp, and I need to get the column name as empno. My table has hundreds of columns and it is getting difficult to search each column name.

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Can you tell us what you're trying to accomplish? This might help someone help you. –  GHC Apr 18 '13 at 15:39
You could adapt one of the answers from here or here (or many others you could search for) to only look at a specific table. Also, by 'database' do you really mean 'schema'? –  Alex Poole Apr 18 '13 at 16:37

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You don't have any choice but to search in every column. Please note though that this value could, potentially, appear in multiple columns and/or multiple times in a single column. There's no way to restrict how often it appears across an entire table.

This is the point of a database; everything stored in a column and, most importantly, that column has meaning. If you disassociate the data stored in a column from a meaning then you will have to search everything.

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Two steps, not using cursors or complex pl/sql, only SQL Plus.

  1. Produce your search queries:

    select select '|| COLUMN_NAME || ',count(*) from emp where ' || column_name || ' = 7369 group by '|| COLUMN_NAME || ';'
    from cols where table_name = 'EMP';


select SECOND,count(*) from TESTER where SECOND = 7369 group by SECOND;

(in my env, Second was a column in table TESTER)

Capture the output, clean up the headers and the like, and run it.

It will return every column that matches, along with a count of how many rows matched.

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