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According this answer, it should be option "include files from the App_data folder" when you publish ASP.NET application. But I don't see it: enter image description here

Where it is?

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I don't believe that option is in the newest of Visual Studio.

Instead, you should be able to change the Build Action to "Content" by right-clicking on the files in Solution Explorer and clicking "Properties."

This should then include them in the publishing process.

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it isn't newest, it's VS 2010. Okay, I clicked right button -> Properties, but don't see Build Action. I see only Folder Name. – Alex Apr 18 '13 at 16:19
It's the newest version of Web Deploy. If you right-click on "App_Data," then you will only see Folder Name. You have to right-click on the individual files that you want to include. – Nate Dudek Apr 18 '13 at 16:25
Hi Nate, If there are no files to include and still i want to include App_Data folder during the publish, what is the option i m left with? – TechQuery Sep 8 at 16:17

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