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I am new to JQuery and maybe am missing the obvious, but how can I filter a table using the contains selector but have it look for multiple strings using an OR operator. In other words, I would like rows containing "Red" OR "Yellow" to be hidden.

So far I have this which works by hiding all rows except the given date:

    $('div#WebPartWPQ5 table.ms-summarycustombody tr:not(:contains("10/27/2009"))')

As added challenge, what I am really trying to do is write a hidden script that calulates a date range and then removes table rows containing dates not falling into that range.

Thank you in advance.


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Separate the different selector strings with commas.

$('table tr.red, table tr.yellow').hide()
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That doesn't seem to work as it is not leveraging the contains selector to look for the string. How would you re-write the code I have above? Wouldn't the colors instead be attributes in your example? –  John Oct 22 '09 at 19:15
It should work the same, just do two different "contains" clauses, separated by a comma. –  GalacticCowboy Oct 25 '09 at 1:47

Do you have control over the html in your page?

If so, consider adding a class "date" (or "colour") to the appropriate td element of each row. Then - instead of using :contains - which is highly likely to suffer from cross-browser compatibility issues, iterate over the table rows, accessing $('tr td.date').val() and performing whatever tests you need to.

Additionally, I would suggest using date.js (http://www.datejs.com/) to simplify the date handling.

var datestart = Date();
var dateend = Date();

$('div#WebPartWPQ5 table.ms-summarycustombody tr td.date').each(function(){
    var date = Date.parse( $(this).val() );
    if (date.between(datestart, dateend === true)) {
        $(this).parent().hide(); //your logic here

And another example that uses the .filter() method (see http://docs.jquery.com/Traversing/filter#fn).

var datestart = Date();
var dateend = Date();

$('div#WebPartWPQ5 table.ms-summarycustombody tr').filter(function(){
    var date = Date.parse( $('td.date', this).val() );
    return date.between(datestart, dateend) === true;
}).hide(); //your logic here
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