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I'm trying to backup some of my data stored in a big table with


statement. The output file is on a network hard drive, so if the network connection breaks just during the dump (it takes one minute more or less) I find a partial file on my network hard drive and I'd like to mark such file as "wrong". Is there a SQL command that I can give inside my MySQL Stored Procedure that let me rename such file?

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You can't rename file in mysql, but you could use two files for dump and rotate it only when operation was successful.


You make dump to 'a.csv', if operation was successful will use 'b.csv' for next dump, otherwise use 'a.csv' again. And so on...

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At the end the way I chose has been to create a simple Java program that manages the business logic on top of the SELECT INTO statement... –  Cristiano Ghersi May 16 '13 at 9:45

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