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I'm trying to create a simple login based on the Zentask sample, however I'm getting a runtime exception in smgts2\app\controllers\Application.java at line 43.

public static Result authenticate() {
  Form<Login> loginForm = form(Login.class).bindFromRequest(); //Line 43
  if(loginForm.hasErrors()) {
    return badRequest(login.render(loginForm));
  } else {
    session("user_name", loginForm.get().user_name);
    return redirect(

I've uploaded the files in github: https://github.com/gscruz/smgts2-start

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Looking at your project on GitHub, I think the main issues are with the JPA annotations on your Accounts model class that models your user_account database table. The mappings on your model class get exercised when you bind the form data to a Login object, since Login.validate queries user_account.

Since the name of your class does not match the name of the table, you'll need a JPA @Table annotation to explicitly state the mapping:

@Table(name = "user_account")
public class Accounts extends Model

You'll also need @Column annotations for the fields whose names don't match up with their corresponding columns. Give that a go and see if it gets you any further.

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Thanks! It works. I've adjusted the codes in model class "Accounts" and the structure for user_account table instead of using @Columns. –  Jigs Apr 20 '13 at 17:02

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