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I want to listen to event/s in my View, but only after some processing (to be specific, I only what to respond to these events after a successful ajax call - that is all working, it's just this event stuff I can't figure).

Because of this, using the events property isn't going to achieve what I'm after.

I'm new to backbone and am at a loss as to what the problem is with my this.on('click'...) code below (backboneClicked() does not fire).

I have included the events property below as I put this in to test and it fires ourClick(). jqueryClicked() also fires.

Am I missing something really obvious?

I know there are lots of other questions about views not firing events, but I couldn't see anything that matched this question.

Any help appreciated.

var InputListView = Backbone.View.extend({
    el: '#input-list',

    events: {
        'click input'       : 'ourClick'

    initialize: function(options) {         

        this.on('click', this.backboneClicked);

    ourClick: function(e) {

    backboneClicked: function(e) {

    jqueryClicked: function(e) {
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this.on('click', this.backboneClicked);

What behavior do you expect this to have? You can't click on a view, it's an object, not a DOM element... Though if you really want to test if it works, try add a this.trigger('click') after your line.

Still, I don't get what the point is here. If you're using the on method of Backbone, you're usually trying to listen to Backbone events (or custom events), not UI events.

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Thanks Loamhoof. I'm new to backbone and still gaining confidence in javascript. You're right. I was getting DOM events and API events mixed up. What I want to do is actually listen for the change event on some input elements, but only after some other conditions are met (i.e., after a successful ajax call. There is a good explanation of DOM events and API events and Views here addyosmani.github.io/backbone-fundamentals/#events-and-views along with example code. –  Kenn Baker Apr 18 '13 at 16:05

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