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I have 2 items for sale. I have a shipping base price of $7.50 and $2.00/per additional item

I have set up the advanced code

Shipping=$7.50 Shipping2=$2.00

Everything works fine, except when a different item is added to cart, the cart charges the base price ($7.50) again or twice

I know this is a common issue and I guess what Im trying to say, is Im trying to get the entire cart and not each item to charge the base price ($7.50) and $2.00 per additional item.

All products are same size and weight

any help would be GREATLY appreciated

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What you would want to do is set the following variables.


This will give you the effect that you are wanting. If the buyer only adds 1 item to the cart, the total shipping would show as 7.50, 2 items would show as 9.50, 3 items would show as 11.50 and so on.

You will need to include those 3 variables in all of your buttons.

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