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I'm using nhibernate and different databases (depends on the project) to persist data. Because of that I'm using custom membership provider with user and roles to authenticate login and authorize access to certain pages.

Now I want to give option to my new users as well as current users to login using their social network account.

I'm aware that asp.net mvc4 comes with built in simplemembership provider which handles this login out of the box, but I have to upgrade my custom membership provider cause I already explain (many databases, not just microsoft sql).

Which solution would you recommend me to use?

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Open App_Start\AuthConfig.cs and enable whatever social media authorization that you'd like.

For more details, see http://blogs.msdn.com/b/webdev/archive/2012/08/15/oauth-openid-support-for-webforms-mvc-and-webpages.aspx?PageIndex=2

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