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I know I need to use the MySQL fetch to prevent getting a resource ID in my variable but I wondered if you could help me out how to do that. I see from several tutorials they use a loop but I just want to select the one string into a variable. Here is the code I have:

$img = mysql_query('SELECT pname FROM photos WHERE pphotoid=21');
echo $img;

I basically want $img to contain the string in the database not Resource id #3 it is currently showing. Also is what I wrote prone to an SQL injection?

Learning MySQL so any help would be great!

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$img=mysql_fetch_assoc(mysql_query('SELECT pname FROM photos WHERE pphotoid=21'));
      echo $img["pname"];

Better would be

$img=mysqli_fetch_assoc(mysqli_query($link,'SELECT pname FROM photos WHERE pphotoid=21'));
echo $img["pname"];
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I like the following:


//All the $*_db variables are pulled from a file kept outside of the document root directory but referenced here to connect to the database

$DBi = mysqli_connect($hostname_db, $username_db, $password_db, $database_db);
if($mysqli->connect_error) {
    //Do something for errors here...



$q_myQuery = "SELECT `pname` FROM `photos` WHERE `pphotoid` = 21";
$rsmyQuery = mysqli_query($DBi, $q_myQuery) or die(mysqli_error($DBi));
$row_rsmyQuery = mysqli_fetch_assoc($rsmyQuery);

$img = $row_rsmyQuery['pname'];

That's using mysqli* functions, not mysql* which have been deprecated. More on that here:

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$handle = mysql_query('SELECT pname FROM photos WHERE pphotoid=21');
$row = mysql_fetch_row($handle);
echo $img[0];

this code will work for you.

To prevent SQL injection you should use escape functions like mysql_escape_string() you should also check what is your input and valid it

here you will learn more

How to prevent SQL injection in PHP?

also it's better to use PDO because mysql_* are deprecated as of PHP 5.5.0, and will be removed in the future.

here is tutorial to learn connecting to db with PDO

your code in PDO(assuming you are connected to db) will look like: $id = intval(21); //this code here is senseless however if you get 21 for example via $_GET it will cast it to integer and prevent injection

$stmt = $db->prepare("SELECT pname FROM photos WHERE pphotoid=?");
$row = $stmt->fetch(PDO::FETCH_ASSOC);
echo $row['pname'];
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