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My question is very simple. Suppose I have a datafile with column headers, like as follows

first second
1 1 
2 1
3 6
4 9

In gnuplot how do i make it so that the datafile is plotted using the column header as axis label? e.g. by calling

plot datafile using 1:2

i get the xaxis labeled first and the yaxis labeled second?

edit: I do know that I can use the column header as a key entry via set key auto title column head, however that's not quite what I'm looking for.

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4 Answers

I don't think this feature is built in to gnuplot; you would probably have to use an awk-like utility to pull those labels out of a datafile.

You could try submitting a feature request on gnuplot's sourceforge site, and get feedback from the developers there.

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awk + head -1 should do it. –  mgilson Apr 19 '13 at 3:13
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To elaborate the suggestion of @andyras, here is how you can do it:

datafile = 'filename.txt'
firstrow = system('< head -1 '.datafile)
set xlabel word(firstrow, 1)
set ylabel word(firstrow, 2)
plot datafile using 1:2

You must plot with the explicit using statement, otherwise gnuplot will complain about bad data on line 1.

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I think it is supported. You are just supposed to be able to use "":

plot 'file' using "first":"second"

Although, if you want to do math in your using specification, you'll need the column("") function, too

plot 'file' using "first":(column("second")-(column("thrid"))

(Using only quoted header names with the math didn't work for me, anyway.)

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With your method you can select the columns by the header strings, instead of using 1 and 2, but these headers aren't used as axis labels. –  Christoph Aug 23 '13 at 13:58
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What you are looking for is:

plot datafile using 1:2 title column
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That uses the header as key entries, but not as xlabel and ylabel as requested by the OP. –  Christoph Mar 11 at 12:24
Ah, true, sorry... –  Claude Mar 11 at 16:12
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