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I have a infinite scroll method that gets called like so:

$(window).on('scroll resize load', function() {
    // execute infinite scroll method

So it gets executed under the following events:


But it doesn't work in iphone (and possible other touch devices).

This is a responsive site for which I have no need to use jQuery mobile or the like. I tried to use a standalone plugin:

But this plugin and others have to be called like so:

     wipeDown: function() {
        // execute infinite scroll method

but this means I have to have 2 versions of my code. I am looking for something that I can simply add to my existing code:

$(window).on('scroll resize load NEW_EVENT_HERE', function() {

How to do that?

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You could have them call the same function.

var infiniteScrollMethod=function() {
      // execute infinite scroll method
$(window).on('scroll resize load', infiniteScrollMethod).touchwipe({
    wipeDown: infiniteScrollMethod
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