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I have a string with names separated with the word "and" that are typed in two forms: "First Last" or "Last, First". I want to generate a list with just the surnames sorted alphabetically. I'm new to Python so I was wondering if there is a shorter or better way of doing what I've done:

names = 'John Foo and Baz, Mike Tom and Bar Foo, S. P.' 
authors  = [ i.strip() for i in names.split("and") ]
comma = [ i.split(',')[0] for i in [i for i in authors if "," in i] ]
nocomma = [ i.split()[-1] for i in [i for i in authors if not "," in i] ]
surnames = comma + nocomma
print surnames
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Use – Andreas Jung Apr 18 '13 at 17:53
What do you wanna do!?? What is the general form of the data!!?? Pleas be clear. – IcyFlame Apr 18 '13 at 18:18
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There are in fact a few things you can improve:

  • you should split by ' and ' to avoid splitting names that contain the letters and (this way,trim is no longer needed)
  • the double for loop in your two list comprehensions is not needed
  • if you move the if to the left of the list comprehension, you need only one of them

Finally, you can put the whole thing in one just slightly longer list comprehension, if you like:

surnames = sorted(i.split(",")[0] if "," in i else i.split()[-1]
                  for i in names.split(" and "))

Note, however, that this will still only work if persons with multiple surnames are written using the comma-separated style.

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Excellent answer. I don't know why I got downvotes either. I believe the question was perfectly clear and I showed all the work that I had done before asking for help. – petobens Apr 18 '13 at 22:27

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