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Say you have an Status property in your domain entity. This property is used to know the system status of the object, and must be used in a read only way in the presentation layer. This layer can't modify directly the status property. Instead, one application service have specific operations that change the status.

Is there a way to make the status property readonly for the presentation layer but writeable by the application service? Or I'm just modeling this in a wrong way? I'm using .NET.

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A best practice is to decouple your presentation model from the domain model. Specifically, create a view model and bind the UI to that instead of the domain object directly. The view model can be initialized by passing the domain object into the constructor. Example:

class SomeEntity
 public string Status { get; set; }

class SomeEntityViewModel
 public SomeEntityViewModel(SomeEntity e)
  this.Status = e.Status;
 public string Status { get; private set; }

In this way, an application service can change the status but the view cannot do so directly.

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