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I am trying to convert all @ and # to links when placing the code into my website.

I found some Jquery code that looks to use regex to search for the @ and # but i am unsure of how to accomplish the same thing using PHP.

The code is:

  at: function(tweet) {
    return tweet.replace(/\B[@@]([a-zA-Z0-9_]{1,20})/g, function(m, username) {
      return '<a target="_blank" class="twtr-atreply" href="' + username + '">@' + username + '</a>';

  hash: function(tweet) {
    return tweet.replace(/(^|\s+)#(\w+)/gi, function(m, before, hash) {
      return before + '<a target="_blank" class="twtr-hashtag" href="' + hash + '">#' + hash + '</a>';

So if i had something like this:

@BobBarker is going to #blahblah and also @BillyBob

I would need to search out and do the following:

<a target="_blank" 

<a target="_blank" 

Likewise for the hash tag:


I would need to search out and do the following:

<a target="_blank" 

Any help would be great!


I put together some PHP that does a good job at finding the first instant of either an @ or # but doesnt keep looping. How would i set up a loop for it?

$theTweet = "@BobBarker is going to #blahblah and also @BillyBob";

if (preg_match("/\B[@@]([a-zA-Z0-9_]{1,20})/", $theTweet, $matches)) {
    $theTweet = str_replace($matches[0],'<a target="_blank" class="twtr-atreply" href="' . trim($matches[0]) . '"> ' . trim($matches[0]) . '</a> ',$theTweet);
    echo $theTweet . '<br />';

if (preg_match("/(^|\s+)#(\w+)/", $theTweet, $matches)) {
    $theTweet = str_replace($matches[0],'<a target="_blank" class="twtr-hashtag" href="' . trim($matches[0]) . '"> ' . trim($matches[0]) . '</a> ',$theTweet);
    echo $theTweet;

update #2

Answered my own question :o)

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Here it is:

$theTweet = "@BobBarker is going to #blahblah and also @BillyBob";

    preg_match_all("@(https?://([-\w\.]+)+(:\d+)?(/([\w/_\.]*(\?\S+)?)?)?)@", $theTweet, $matches); //Take care of the http's
    foreach($matches[0] as $tweetsHTTP){
        $theTweet = str_replace($tweetsHTTP,'<a target="_blank" class="js-display-url" href="' . $tweetsHTTP . '"> ' . $tweetsHTTP . '</a> ', $theTweet);

    preg_match_all("/\B[@@]([a-zA-Z0-9_]{1,20})/", $theTweet, $matches); //Take care of the @'s
    foreach($matches[0] as $tweetsAT){
        $theTweet = str_replace($tweetsAT,'<a target="_blank" class="twtr-atreply" href="' . str_replace("@", "", $tweetsAT) . '"> ' . $tweetsAT . '</a> ', $theTweet);

    preg_match_all("/(^|\s+)#(\w+)/", $theTweet, $matches); //Take care of the #'s
    foreach($matches[0] as $tweetsHash){
        $theTweet = str_replace($tweetsHash,'<a target="_blank" class="twtr-hashtag" href="' . $tweetsHash . '&src=hash"> ' . $tweetsHash . '</a> ', $theTweet);
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Something like this (untested):

preg_replace("/ @([\w\d]+) /i", "<a href=\"$1/\">@$1</a>", $tweet);
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Thanks for taking the time to answer the question, Patrik. – StealthRT Apr 18 '13 at 18:47
You're welcome. Besides that, the regular expressions from you/@Stephan are much better than my quick untested write up. – Patrik Mayer Apr 18 '13 at 18:49

Maybe you can wrap that same behavior that jQuery have into a php function. It's something like this.

function writeLinks($tweet){
    //for mentions
    $tweet = preg_replace("/\B[@]([a-zA-Z0-9_]{1,20})/i", '<a target="_blank" class="twtr-atreply" href="\=$1">$1</a>',$tweet);
    //for hashtags
    $tweet = preg_replace("/(^|\s+)#(\w+)/i", '<a target="_blank" class="twtr-hashtag" href="\?q=%23$1>#$1</a>', $tweet);
    return $tweet;
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Thanks for the help, Stephan. – StealthRT Apr 18 '13 at 18:47

What the jQuery script is using is a simple regular expression searching out the @'s and #'s in the tweet. You can do a similar thing with the regular expression functions in PHP.

The function preg_replace does about the same as the javascript function in your example.

function tweetReplaceAt($tweet) {
  return preg_replace("/\B[@@]([a-zA-Z0-9_]{1,20})/",'<a target="_blank" class="twtr-atreply" href="$1">@$1</a>',$tweet);

function tweetReplaceHash($tweet) {
  return preg_replace("/(^|\s+)#(\w+)/i",'<a target="_blank" class="twtr-hashtag" href="$1">#$1</a>',$atreplacedTweet);

Then you can use those functions on your tweets.

preg_replace also takes a 4th parameter to limit the amount of replacements and a 5th parameter which will contain the amount of replacements after the function call.

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Thanks for the help there, Silwing! – StealthRT Apr 18 '13 at 18:48

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