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Ok so here is what I am looking for, I am trying to write a program where someone sends a request to a server but specifies a time of day they want that request processed. Is there a way to schedule an event to trigger a particular time of day on a server?

I have looked around for resources and can't seem to find anything letting me know if this is even possible. Any direction would be appreciated.

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I would split this functionality into two parts:

  • Web server that enqueues a request
  • Processing engine that is responsible for job execution and time tracking. This can be a Windows service with a persistent storage to save the results and progress.

Otherwise a webserver may say adios after couple hundred of requests.

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You should save that events on database and have a background a process (a windows service or a scheduled task would do the trick) running events at the specific time.

Don't think you were able to do it just with a web module and if you do, probably won't be a very recommended approach :)

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