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I'm trying to convert an simple image to an matrix M*N, where M and N are the width and the heigth of my image. But at this point i don't understand the best way to work out the steps.

There is my code at this moment:

  public double[][] img2matriz(BufferedImage bi){
    double[][] C;
    for(int i=0;i<bi.getHeight();i++) 
        for(int j=0;j<bi.getWidth();j++)

In [i] and [j] i want to put the values of the matrix RGB respectively.

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Try this:

C[i][j] = bi.getRGB(i, j);

the getRGB() method returns an integer, which can be bit-masked to give you the individual components. It would be more appropriate if C was a integer array, not double.

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First : initialize your array Like this :

double[][] C = new double[bi.getHeight()][bi.getWidth()];

Second : get the RGB from your Image and put it in your array, Like this:

C[i][j] = bi.getRGB(i, j);

and if you want to get the 3 channels in your image(RED-GREEN-BLUE) : You can do this :

int red = (C[i][j]>> 16) & 0x000000FF;
int green = (C[i][j]>>8 ) & 0x000000FF;
int blue = (C[i][j]) & 0x000000FF;
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create a class :

    class RGB {
        private :
           float r;
           float g;
           float b;

            RGB(float rr , float gg , float bb) : r(rr) ,g(gg), b(bb){}
... member functions

and use it as array of object .

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