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I've been running into a weird issue when clicking on an anchor tag with a mailto: href while using Outlook, further click events on the page where not going off. Not clicking on the link would allow further click events to work correctly.

I couldn't get it to happen locally for the longest time, so on a gut feeling I changed the target on the anchor tags to target="_blank" to open up in a new window. This seems to have fixed the issue, however now the open window that launched the email client stays open after the client loads.

So I need help with one of two things. One, is there a way of having a mailto: open on another page and have it auto close after the email client "catches"? If this isn't possible, what could be causing the mailto: to break jQuery/ Backbone.js events? Where would I start looking?

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Still haven't pinned down what caused this, but I'm done looking for it. Just answering here to clean up my questions.

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