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I'm using Xamarin.iOS and need to render text strings that have a custom amount of spacing between each gylph. I am currently building a NSMutableAttributedString in which I am passing my font and paragraphstyple information. I been able to display the text string but I need to be able to set a custom amount of spacing between each gylph. Is there a dictionary element that I can add to allow me to configure this value in iOS? Below is the method I am using to build the attributedstring.

public NSMutableAttributedString Build()
    // Create a new attributed string from text
    var atts = new NSMutableAttributedString(String);

    var attRange = new NSRange(0, atts.Length);
    var attsDic = new NSMutableDictionary();

    var fontObject = new NSObject(Font.Handle);
    attsDic.Add((NSString)"NSFont", fontObject);

    var alignmentSettings = new CTParagraphStyleSettings()
        Alignment = CTTextAlignment.Left,

    var paragraphStyle = new CTParagraphStyle(alignmentSettings);
    var psObject = new NSObject(paragraphStyle.Handle);

    attsDic.Add((NSString)"NSParagraphStyle", psObject);
    atts.SetAttributes(attsDic, attRange);

    return atts;
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You should try the version of Xamarin.iOS on the beta channel. I heard they have a strongly typed version of NSAttributedString, it might be a lot easier to use--no dictionaries, just C# properties. –  jonathanpeppers Apr 19 '13 at 12:17
@jonathanpeppers I was able to pass CTStringAttributes as a parameter in the AttributedString constructor. I found that I was able to adjust the kerning to increase width between fonts. It does not appear that AttributedString have typed properties that will directly modify string dictionary values. I checked this in the stable and beta channels. –  Phil Apr 19 '13 at 13:16

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