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I'm developing a Joomla module, with several parameters to define how it works. I have buttons in the module area, and buttons have to interact with those parameters. Here is the module PHP code:

defined('_JEXEC') or die('Direct Access to this location is not allowed.');
$Station_ID = $params->get('Station_ID');
$Verbose = $params->get('Verbose');
$Bk_ColorODD = $params->get('Bk_ColorODD');
$Bk_ColorEVEN = $params->get('Bk_ColorEVEN');
$Ink_ColorODD = $params->get('Ink_ColorODD');
$Ink_ColorEVEN = $params->get('Ink_ColorEVEN');
$PicCol_Title = $params->get('PicCol_Title');
$TxtCol_Title = $params->get('TxtCol_Title');
$EvPic_Heightpx = $params->get('EvPic_Heightpx');
$EvPic_Widhtpx = $params->get('EvPic_Widhtpx');
$CatPic_Heightpx = $params->get('CatPic_Heightpx');
$CatPic_Widhtpx = $params->get('CatPic_Widhtpx');
$Pic_Hspanpx = $params->get('Pic_Hspanpx');
$Pic_Vspanpx = $params->get('Pic_Vspanpx');
$TitleSw = $params->get('TitleSw');
$MenuPos = $params->get('MenuPos');
$Paging = $params->get('Paging');
$Sort_Field = $params->get('Sort_Field');
$Sort_Order = $params->get('Sort_Order');
$db_host = "localhost";
$db_user = "xxxx";
$db_database = "xxxxx";
$db_password = "xxxxx";
$db_tabconfig = "xxxxxxx";
$db_tabpreroll = "xxxxxxxxxxx";

echo 'AVVIAMO LA PROCEDURA 0.0.090 - '.$Station_ID.'<br><br>';
echo '<div id="TabellaEventi"></div>';
echo '<INPUT Type="BUTTON" VALUE="Avanti" ONCLICK="avanti()"> ';
echo '<INPUT Type="BUTTON" VALUE="Indietro" ONCLICK="indietro()"> ';
echo '<br>';

When the user will click on the "Avanti" or "Indietro" buttons i call the JAVASCRIPT functions avanti() and indietro(), and those two functions will work with ALL the parameters above. How can I do to transfer this huge amount of variables?

AND!!! The two Javascript functions will have to call OTHER PHP files to interact with a MySql database, and again i will need more or less ALL the variables in the other file.

Internet programming is such a mess sometime...

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AJAX, and php javascript variable definition – PitaJ Apr 18 '13 at 21:51
Use an an Array and AJAX – Lior Elrom Apr 18 '13 at 21:53
why are you defining the database details in this file? – Lodder Apr 18 '13 at 22:41
because i will use other external PHP files to display some data, accessing to a database, and i don't want to repeat those informations in a lot of other places - that's my idea, other better suggestion(s)? TY – Roberto Alfieri Apr 18 '13 at 22:59
Answer a few questions, and maybe I can get you a better answer. 1) What version of Joomla? 2) Where are the JS functions posting to? 3) Would you mind sharing the module code? – Don Gilbert Apr 19 '13 at 4:56
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Ajax might not needed. Put all your variable in a big array of data

$data['Station_ID'] = $params->get('Station_ID');
$data['Verbose'] = $params->get('Verbose');

$data = json_encode($data);
$data = htmlentities($data);
echo '<INPUT Type="BUTTON" VALUE="Avanti" ONCLICK="avanti(' . $data . ')"> ';

Now avanti contains an JSON object as 1st parameter

Edit: because the JSON string might contain " and < you must call htmlentities to protect your string

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sounds interesting, but can you please help me a little in decoding this array once i will be in JS? thank you very much – Roberto Alfieri Apr 18 '13 at 23:00
There is no decoding needed. It's an JSON object already. If you want to extract the information, do json.Station_ID for example. Use console.log(json) to debug it.. (json is the parameter of avanti(json)) – Thanh Trung Apr 18 '13 at 23:03
It works, good suggestion! But now i have the problem to call another PHP file passing again all the parameters :-( – Roberto Alfieri Apr 19 '13 at 10:25
@RobertoAlfieri If the two files is not connected to each other (no include() after getting $data), then you should use session. PS: I don't know what $param is but if you can transfer $param and stored in session, you can use it anywhere to get your value – Thanh Trung Apr 19 '13 at 14:46

you can use JSON + jQuery.

Q1: create a global JS varible first.

var params = {"Station_ID":"","":"",......}

Q2: use ajax call with jQuery.

var queryURL = 'your php file';
    data: params// params in Q1 
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