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My ajax call

I make an ajax call to check if the e-mail address is already used to participate. The php-file returns 0 when it is not used and 1 if it is already used. When it is used it'll make an error label to say so.

This works perfectly in Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer. But is a complete pain in the ass in Firefox. It checks and gives the correct response, but after 5 seconds it gives a timeout.

I have another ajax call to put all the data in the database and it has the exact same problem.

What do I do wrong?

function controleerDeelnemerEmail(){

    var emailVal = $('#email').val();

    $.ajax( {

        type: 'POST',
        data: {'email':emailVal}, 
        success: function( data ){

            data = parseInt(data);

            if(data == 1){

                if( $(".emailerror").length == 0 ){
                    var error = "<label for='email' generated='true' class='error emailerror' style=''>Dit e-mailadres wordt al gebruikt</label>"
                    $(error).insertBefore( $('#email') );    

Server Side

public function check(){


        $content = $this->deelnemerDAO->controleerDeelnemerEmail( $_POST['email'] );

        if( $content == 1 ){
            echo 1;
            echo 0;
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1 Answer 1

You should add an error callback to see if the answer returned is one.

A wrong type can be considered as an error by ajax.

function controleerDeelnemerEmail() {
    var emailVal = $('#email').val();
        type: 'POST',
        data: {
            'email': emailVal
    }).done(function (data) {
        // equivalent to success callback
        data = parseInt(data);
        if (data == 1) {
            if ($(".emailerror").length === 0) {
                var error = $("<label>", {
                    'for': 'email',
                    'generated': 'true',
                    'class': 'error emailerror'
                }).text("Dit e-mailadres wordt al gebruikt").insertBefore($('#email'));
    }).fail(function (response, status) {
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My errorhandling is handled by $.ajaxSetup({ error: function(XMLHttpRequest, textStatus, errorThrown){ alert('Error: [' + textStatus + '] ' + errorThrown + ' : ' + XMLHttpRequest.statusText); }, timeout: 5000 }); This throws the timeout. – caroliena Apr 18 '13 at 21:59
Okay, sorry. And could you display your server-side code ? – Flo-Schield-Bobby Apr 18 '13 at 22:02
Believe it or not... It works now. You're my hero! ^^ Although I do not completely understand why. You're just put it differently than me. Or not? – caroliena Apr 18 '13 at 22:09
I read it today. Strange enough that is how I was thaught. Good to know. Thanks again! – caroliena Apr 18 '13 at 22:11
Kinda keen on clearing browser cache. Bit freaky about it. So yes. Dunno what it is... Could it be an extension bugging my browser? It is an extension. Switched them all off and now it's working... Grr – caroliena Apr 18 '13 at 23:42

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