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I am using PhoneGap to build applications for iOS and Android.

I want to open the native map application on iOS with multiple pins. I am able to open the native map on iOS device using their Maps URL scheme using a ?q=lat,long parameter


Is it possible to open the native maps app and showing multiple pings instead of only one?

I have tried enough to search for it but there isn't enough documentation to answer my question.

Thank you for the help

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Create an MKMapItem for each pin you want to display, save the MKMapItems to an array, and then use openMapsWithItems:launchOptions: to send the array to the Maps app. The Maps app will display a pin for each item in the array.

I have not used this myself, but it's from Apple's documentation at:


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Thank you for your reply, but I am not using native Map SDK for iOS. I am using PhoneGap framework –  Anup Aug 16 '13 at 22:26

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