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I have got a small blog that uses Jekyll. Now I want to add some more functionality to my post layout. I want to add this line on top of every post:

Tagged with category1, category2, ...

What is the best way to achieve this. Can someone help me with the Jekyll code that I have to add in my html file?

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It's pretty easy with Liquid filters. In your _layout/post.html template, add this line where you want the output:

Tagged with {{ page.categories | join: ', ' }}

This will join your list of categories into a comma-space delimited string. You can get fancier and link to the categories if you set up an Archive by Category index using a plugin.

Be sure that you have added categories to your individual files in _posts/ using the YAML Front Matter syntax:

layout: post
title: Title
- cat1
- cat2
- etc...
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This was helpful. Thanks for the tip! Really falling in-love with Liquid. – michaellee Oct 4 '14 at 9:42

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