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I would like to have a script run every 5 minutes let's say starting from 13:02 so I can have another script runs every 5 minutes but starting from 13:04 so the second script runs two minutes after the start of the first job. How Could achieve this?

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Use this:

*/5+2 * * * * 1st-script
*/5+4 * * * * 2nd-script

For future reference take a look at this online Cron Job Generator.

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*/5 * * * * sleep 120; ( first_script.sh & ) ; sleep 120 ; second_script.sh

nice thing about this approach is that you can let crontab start things at times other then minute boundaries (like 30 seconds after the hour)

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*/5+1 * * * * first_script.sh

To run every five minutes, but offset one minute

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