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Microsoft's tendency to give custom tools that generate code within Visual Studio is Not always appealing to me. In terms for Entity Framework, I want to avoid using the Db Context Template or creation of edmx files.

There are number of reasons I don't like Microsoft's custom tools that generate code within Visual Studio:

1) The connection String to the Database for Entity Framework configuration has some ugly meta data code

2) I got to make changes to edmx visual file when I need to make changes to date model. I don't like giving control over to some kind of visual tool when I want make changes to data model. It seems so "out of my control"?

Please show me how I can manually code POCO, and their corresponding mapping-by-code to do it.

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You'll want to use the entity framework "code first" approach. There are a number of tutorials that go into this in great depth. Take a look here

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