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How can I tell if SP1 has been installed on VS2008? e.g. If I'm working on a co-worker's machine - how can I tell if he/she has installed SP1 for VS2008?

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In Help->About, you can view the installed products. You should see something similar to

Microsoft Visual Studio Team System 2008 Team Suite - ENU Service Pack 1 (KB945140) KB945140

in the list of entries.

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Open Visual Studio 2008 and click Help>About. If you do have MS VS SP1 installed, the upper left corner should look like this:

Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 version 9.0.30729.1 SP

The upper right corner states what version of Microsoft .NET Framework you have and may show that it has SP 1 installed, but this DOES NOT mean you have Visual Studio SP 1 installed.

Here is a link to a picture: http://quick-page.net/46ad2310

Hope this helps! Iconoclast

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You may also be able to tell by looking in the registry here


then finding a property named something like "SP" or "SPIndex". A value of 1 means installed, and 0 means not installed.

Tip was found here.

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It also puts a little '9' in a white box on the program icon. (Probably not dependable, of course)

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That indicates that it's VS2008, but it may or may not be SP1 –  Ferruccio Oct 2 '08 at 11:02
This may be because I installed RTM over Beta 2, but I only got the 9 in SP1 –  Simon Buchan Oct 4 '08 at 0:25

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