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Is there a way how to get the list of fields for a specific facebook object programmatically?

I know there's documentation for that, but I need some introspection - we're building a tool that would enable the user to select from existing fields.

I mean something like: give me a list of fields for user, response: {"id", "name", "first_name", ...}

Or some way how to get all the fields for one object and derive it from that?

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The API explorer has this functionality - but I don't think that Facebook provides a "meta" API for getting details about the "real" API. You might have to compile this data yourself. – Lix Apr 19 '13 at 0:10
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Facebook enables you to pass metadata=1 parameter. For example


gives you all available connections and fields for the page:

  "metadata": {
    "connections": {
      "admins": "",
      "admin_settings": ""
    "fields": [
        "name": "id",
        "description": "The Page's ID. No access token or user `access_token`. `string`."
        "name": "name",
        "description": "The Page's name. No access token or user `access_token`. `string`."
        "name": "link",
        "description": "Link to the page on Facebook. No access token or user `access_token`. `string` containing a valid URL."
        "name": "category_lists",
        "description": "The Page's categories. No access token or user `access_token`. `string`."
        "name": "is_published",
        "description": "Indicates whether the page is published and visible to non-admins. No access token or user `access_token`. `boolean`."

Looks like it's official, found it in the getting started manual

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